Actual footage of mentioned small town

My grandfather, James “Pop” Pinegar, and grandmother, Della “Mamaw” Pinegar, raised three children in an Arkansas town so remote, you might not know it existed if you were in it.

Pop was an entrepreneur, serving his country, community and family in whatever capacity he was able. He worked a fruit stand, Pinegar’s Produce, to provide opportunity by selling “Home Grown Melons and More.”

I sit here in Chicago, IL, distant from this no stoplight town, aware that I am who I am in large part because of the decisions this family made before I was ever a consideration. I think upon my past generations of relatives who’ve encouraged their children to define a fruitful life, and pursue it. I’m not sure I have a conclusion yet. I’m not sure it’s necessary.

This site serves as a sort of writer’s portfolio of musings, published work and old journalism school blogs I keep forgetting to archive. It’s a melange of who I’ve been and what I’d like this world to be. It’s my mind, written down. Thank you for your interest in the process.

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