A Belaboring Belieber

I never fangirl’ed. Not for Britney Spears, nor NSYNC, nor for my truest of loves, Keith Urban. I was never sobbing with poster board on the crowded side of a well-guarded gate while Du Jour* gave a post-flight performance. That’s not to say I don’t love 90s songs or lose myself in dance when ‘Pop’... Continue Reading →

Five Minutes to Curtain

Being that some of the better parts of who I am were formed on a stage, I am no stranger to nerves. From 3rd grade on, I could frequently be found pacing back and forth in the wings of a theatre, five minutes to open, occasionally stopping to cross my legs in a familiar dance... Continue Reading →

Hope That Holds On

I am beginning to understand why they call it adulthood. The older I get, the more happens, the less my parents can do about it, and the more I wish I had an actual hood to draw over my head to hide me while I slide deeper under the covers. My last semester of college... Continue Reading →

Body Talk

Thank goodness for my Women and the Media class and for the many reasons it gives me to blog. Our discussion this week was concerning the different privileges that we experience. For instance, female privilege could be getting the door held open for you, a boy bringing you flowers on a first date, or receiving... Continue Reading →

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